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So You want to install iOS 8 Beta

June 5, 2014

Apple seeds iOS 8 beta to Developers on Monday, June 2, 2014 following the WWDC Keynote. Usually, beta Operating System comes with bugs and more bugs. If you want to  install iOS 8 beta, please consider the followings:

  • Do not install the iOS 8 beta if you do not want to deal with the bugs.
  • iOS 8 beta will not make you any cooler among your friends, if you had any.
  • Should you still be compelled to install iOS 8 beta after reading the two points above, install it on your second device if available.
  • Do not complain if your favorite apps do not work properly.
  • Avoid giving money and your UDID to some shady-money-grubing sites.
  • Do file bug reports.

Anyway, look at the awesomeness of an iOS 8 bug.

iOS 8 beta bug on iPad Air

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