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Kitten Diary: Runts of the Litter

July 9, 2017

Out of six kittens we found, these two are the runts of the litter. They are visibly smaller than the other four. you can see the size difference in the video I posted a few days ago. We are going to wait another week before they are ready for adoption. We also will capture their feral mommy kitty and get her fixed.

I thought this photo is worth posting here after I posted it on our own site.

Another Pile of Kittens

July 8, 2017


It is another pile of kittens that we found on a neighbor’s backyard. They are so cute. Click on the picture above to play a short video.  We hope to find good homes for them really soon.

Carrie Fisher, She’s with the Force now.

December 28, 2016

No one wants to see their heroes taken away.

So long Carrie Fisher, you have always been the Princess for many. 

Gotta do something about the dust.

October 10, 2015

109 Degree Weather in SoCal 20151009

If not for one hot October day in Southern California, I wouldn’t have noticed how dusty this part of my car.

Yep, it was 109°F on Friday, October 9, 2015 somewhere in Orange County, 5 miles away from the shoreline.

Seems Legit: App Store Support Spam

October 9, 2015

Yet another round of spam purporting from “App Store Support” or “App Store Team”, complete with graphics directly linked from Apple’s own server.

Based on a few reports, this type of spam started making the round on Thursday, October 8, 2015. Anecdotally, all the reports come from users with emails.

Should you be getting this type of spam in your iCloud email, please forward the email as attachment to

App Store Support Spam

App Store Team Spam

More Common Than What People Think

October 8, 2015

Ko'a and LolaJust another day in the lives of a cat and a dog.

iOS 9: Ad-pocalypse Now

September 16, 2015

iOS 9 is coming

Apple is set to release iOS 9 on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. One of iOS 9 features that gained a lot of attention is what many calls as “Ad-Blocking”.

Apple calls it Content Blocking Safari Extensions.

Content Blocking gives your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content.

This would be the beginning of “Ad-Pocalypse”. Publishers should have realized that there are ways to display ads without alienating the readers. Irrelevant and annoying ads would only drive readers away. Extended page-loading time paired with clickbait-ads are disservice to the readers. Promise of of targeted-advertising are nothing but privacy-invading tracking system. One would wonder why a site would have the need for 16 different trackers and analytics.

Take a look at one of The Macalope’s columns at Macworld. There’s the “Promoted Links by Taboola” which is one of the most irrelevant ad-networks on the Internet. Then there’s a “Dell Latitude 11 3000 Series Laptop” ad. A Dell advertisement on an Apple/Mac-oriented site! Don’t forget the Amazon Affiliate link on the top of the screenshot. Three different monetization scheme in 2048-pixel span. There are a lot more in the post. Shame on you, Macworld!

Macworld Ad-infested

Daring Fireball and The Loop are much smaller operations compared to others. What these two sites have done are good examples in presenting ads the right way. Remember that readers could easily walk away whenever they find sites being unfriendly.

Content-Blocking/Ad-Blocking will be the new gold rush in the Apple App Store. Watch for apps such as Crystal and Purify on the App Store,

The Ad-pocalypse is coming, at least to the iOS platform.