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Great Shield Matte Screen Protector for Nexus 4

March 7, 2013

UPDATED 2013-03-09

One little pet peeve of mine about smart phone is the glare on the glass screen. All of the iPhones and Nexus-series phone I own have matte/anti-glare screen protector installed. With the iPhones, I recommend getting Power Support brand. When I got a Nexus 4, I looked into several different brands of screen protectors. I decided to try one out, GreatShield Matte Screen Protector.


It comes in a 3-pack for under $10 at


It took me about 5 minutes to apply the screen protector with no noticeable dust bubbles, and it took me only one try. I have been applying screen protectors on numerous iPhones, iPad and other smart phones for the past 5 years. I can’t do it with my eyes closed though.

The current revision of GreatShield Matte Screen Protector has the necessary cutout for the front-facing camera and the proximity sensor. During the course of my research, different brands of screen protector for Nexus 4 do not have the said cutout.

One thing that you should know that GreatShield Matte Screen Protector size. While it fully covers the screen area, it is smaller than the glass-face of Nexus 4. It leaves 2 mm on the sides and bottom and 1 mm on the top. The gaps prevent the film from bubbling due to friction from certain Nexus 4 cases. The case I have on this Nexus 4 certainly does not fall in that category.



A few days in, I am pretty satisfied with GreatShield Matte Screen Protector. In case anyone wants to know, it is a Rearth Ringke SLIM Case one the Nexus 4. I’ll post more details about it on a different post.


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