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Complicated and Convoluted

October 28, 2014

CurrentC Mobile App

Complicated and convoluted are the current C-words.

According to The New York Times:

The problem is that under the terms of their MCX contractual agreement, they are not supposed to accept competing mobile payments products like Apple Pay, according to multiple retailers involved with MCX, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. If these retailers break their contracts, they will face steep fines for doing so, these people said.

Target who is a member of Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) is not taking Apple Pay at its 1,801 stores in the United States and 133 stores in Canada. Interestingly, Target is taking Apple Pay as payment method in its iOS App.

Apple Pay Apps

Target offers REDcard® which gives everyday 5% discount on almost everything in its stores in exchange for the customer’s information (

CurrentC looks like the digital counterpart of Target REDcard® but with a really clunky implementation (


Are those QR-codes?

Reminds me of this collection of “Pictures of People Scanning QR-Codes” (via Daring Fireball).

Apparently CurrentC is the common enemy that spawn a union between Android and iOS users on Reddit. Thread 1 | Thread 2

CurrentC, a c-word, which is both complicated and convoluted.

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