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Junk in the iTunes App Store

September 14, 2014

As of September 9, 2014 Apple announced that there are 1.3 million apps in the App Store. Pretty sure the 1.3 million figure include the junk in the App Store.

I was re-downoading XCOM: Enemy Unknown on my iPad, and I saw an app titled:

GamePRO – X-COM Enemy Within Edition

XCOM in the App Store

I had a hunch, so I checked out this “GamePRO – X-COM Enemy Within Edition” app. My hunch was right; this is a junk app.


The reviews shows that this app is completely misleading.


This “developer” seems to have a lot of apps published in the App Store. All of them are complete junk.

Junk in the App Store Michelle Bernardo

Info on they “developer”:

Michelle Bernardo

Junk App Michelle Bernardo IngeniusGames_com

This is what look like:


It is a WordPress site with sample contents from the theme. I wonder how Apple App Store Team approved any apps from this so called developer?

If you see this kind of misleading, scummy junk apps, please report it to Apple.

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