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Journalism or Lack Thereof: Apple-Beats Rumor

May 23, 2014


John Gruber on the Apple-Beats Deal:

That they’ve been so wrong thus far makes me disinclined to believe anything Billboard (or The Financial Times, or The Wall Street Journal, or anyone else who reported the deal as imminent back on May 8) reports about it now.

(Reminder: the links to The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal are behind paywall.)

Since the rumor (which is not an actual news) broke, a lot of pros and cons about the supposed deal were published. Almost all of them are laughable.

It is so irresponsible for these publications not to treat rumors as what they really are; just rumors.

I tried to find a highly cited news-piece published by Billboard in the recent years which turned out to be a total garbage.  Anyone remembers what it was?


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