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Jurors Sided Against Newegg on Patent Lawsuit

November 25, 2013

An eight-person jury in Marshall, Texas found the online retailer Newegg to infringe on a patent owned by TQP Development, a non-practicing patent holder.

Ars Technica reports:

They also found the patent was not invalid, apparently rejecting arguments by famed cryptographer Whitfield Diffie, who took the stand on Friday to argue against the patent.

The jury ordered Newegg to pay $2.3 million, a bit less than half of the $5.1 million TQP’s damage expert had suggested.

Newegg said they will appeal the verdict.


I recently was hired on a project that involves Newegg as the client. I cannot discuss, let alone reveal the details of the project at this moment. I can safely say that the project is unrelated with Newegg patent lawsuit. I am also a Newegg customer.

Newegg Visitor Badge

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