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Apple Knowledge Base on Creating a bootable OS X installer in OS X Mavericks

October 24, 2013


Apple Knowledge Base on creating a bootable OS X installer in OS X Mavericks:

Follow these steps to create a bootable OS X installer:

  1. Use the Mac App Store to download the OS X installer app.
  2. Mount the volume you wish to convert into a bootable installer. This could be removable media, such as a USB flash drive, or a secondary internal partition.
  3. Use the createinstallmedia tool to convert the volume from step two into a bootable installer based off the installer app from step one. To learn how to use createinstallmedia, execute this command in Terminal:

/Applications/Install\ OS\ X\

You may need to adjust the path to the OS X installer app in the above command.

Note: createinstallmedia is only intended to be used with the version of OS X installer app it came with.

p.s. The original version of the image above is from 37prime’s own work. It is available on Flickr under Creative Commons.

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