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iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Go on Sale

September 20, 2013


When the clock struck midnight Pacific Daylight Time, both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c went on sale. Within minutes United States Apple Store Online quoting 7-to-10 days shipping time for the contract-free T-Mobile iPhone 5s. The same went for Gold iPhone 5s. Twenty-two hours later, US Apple Store Online is quoting October shipping time for all iPhone 5s.

Surveying three Apple Stores in Southern California, almost all iPhone 5s were sold by 20:00 hours. The leftovers were 16 GB and 32 GB iPhone 5s for Verizon and Sprint; mostly Sprint.

Meanwhile, Apple Store have plenty of iPhone 5c stock. Late shoppers at Apple Store South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California were looking to buy some iPhone 5c.

According to Apple Store employees, they were expecting some iPhone 5s shipment on Saturday.

September 20, 2013 is a huge day for iPhone 5s. It was not made available for pre-order on September 12, 2013 like iPhone 5c, the colorful-polycarbonate sibling.

Apple is likely to announce its first week launch number of both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c together this Monday, if not sooner.

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