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Two Birds With One Apple Press Release

September 17, 2013

The short story:

  • Apple did not have any press releases on Monday September 16, 2013; no mentions of iPhone 5c pre-order numbers.
  • Wall Street violently reacts, AAPL down.
  • Tech Press hoped that iPhone 5c pre-sell numbers to be abysmal.

The reality is that Apple had no plans to announce iPhone 5c pre-order numbers by itself. However, Apple has a plan to announce the combined numbers of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sold during their first weekend sale numbers. That’s two birds with one Apple press release.

John Gruber bets:

(Apple) don’t want competitors to know the breakdown of 5C/5S sales. If we get a sales number announcement from Apple, it’ll come next week, after the 5S goes on sale for a weekend, and the figure announced will be that of all new iPhones sold. I bet.

I came to the same conclusion when I read and heard about AAPL shares taking a dive for not disclosing iPhone 5c first weekend pre-sale numbers.

The anti-Apple crowd are tearing through the turnstiles in full force, once again.

Apple Press Info iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c



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