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Impostors at Google Play

August 26, 2013

Plant vs. Zombies 2 was only available for iOS at launch. It is not yet announced when this game would be available on other platforms such as Android. As always, Android Community is trying hard to stay classy.

For some reasons there are numbers of fake Plants vs. Zombies 2 game at Google Play. Fake developers impersonating real companies.

Take a look at the screenshots from Google Play:

Impostors at Google Play 1

“Plants Vs Zombies 2” by Gameloft Ltd.
The last time I checked, Plant vs. Zombies 2 is a game by Popcap, an Electronic Arts company.

This “Gameloft Ltd” company apparently also makes games such as Minecraft Pocket Edition, Hay Day and Injustice Among Us. It is obvious that the three games mentioned are actually made by different companies.

Curiously, there’s another “Plants vs Zombies 2” by Heather Kountz at Google Play. This “Heather Kountz” also makes games such as Minecraft Pocket Edition, Clash of Clans and Injustice Among Us.


Impostors at Google Play 2

Few days later, both “Gameloft Ltd” and Heather Kountz” disappeared from Google Play, conveniently replaced by “Suzanne Lally” and “EA Games Apps”.

Impostors at Google Play 5


Impostors at Google Play 3

Impostors at Google Play 4

Please be careful downloading Apps from Google Play. Watch for the impostors.

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