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iOS 7 beta 6 and Some Made Up Stuff

August 15, 2013

Apple inadvertently exposed the made up news by BGR about the release of iOS 7 beta 6.

On Thursday Morning August 15, 2013 BGR “reported”:

In line with our earlier exclusive report on Apple’s plans for its iOS 7 beta software, we can now confirm that the final beta software release for developers will take place next week. Our sources have not confirmed which day, though Monday makes the most sense as it has been the typical release day in the past. After iOS 7 beta 6, Apple will be seeding a GM (gold master) version for its employees and partners to test starting around September 5th.

Then Apple released iOS 7 beta 6 to developers on Thursday afternoon. It seems that BGR took the two-week release cycle of iOS 7 beta and the semi-confirmed September 10th, 2013 Apple announcement then extrapolated the possible release date for iOS7 beta 6 and iOS 7 Golden Master.


Apple seeds iOS 7 beta 6

Details on iOS 7 beta 6 are available on Apple Developer Website to paid developer membership.

Based on chatters among developers, there are some outstanding bugs in iOS 7 beta 5. Apple iOS team is working hard to meet the internal deadline squashing the showstopper bugs.

Apple is expected to publicly released iOS 7 within a week after the September 10, 2013 event.

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