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August 14, 2013

There seems to be consensus that Apple would drop iPhone 4 and 4S comes September 10, 2013.

Back in May 2013 a person who might or might not be a high ranking Apple employee hinted that Apple would go all 16-by-nine screen ratio for all iPhone and iPod touch this Fall 2013. It is a response to some rumors that Apple would release a larger screen iPhone with 4-by-3 screen ratio in Fall 2013.

Twitter 37prime 16-by-9 iPhone

Apple will be phasing out 30-pin Dock Connector this Fall 2013. John Gruber believes that Apple would stop selling iPad 2 after new iPad is introduced and I concur.

If I’m right, this would leave the iPad 2 as the last device with a 30-pin port. I expect them to abandon that device in October, when new iPads are announced.

Another point is that Apple would have another event this October and maybe one more before the end of the year.

Apple will be having four busy month starting September 2013. There’s the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. By the way, there’s one more new product that Apple might introduce this year.

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