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Megadeth: Super Collider Artwork and Track Listings

April 20, 2013

Megadeth record number 14 titled “Super Collider” will be out on June 4, 2013.  Megadeth Cyber Army is giving away copies of signed “Super Collider” CD for new and renewing membership of Ultimate Soldier Megapack.

“Super Collider” at

  1. Kingmaker
  2. Super Collider
  3. Burn!
  4. Built For War
  5. Off The Edge
  6. Dance In The Rain
  7. The Beginning Of Sorrow
  8. The Blackest Crow
  9. Forget To Remember
  10. Don’t Turn Your Back…
  11. Cold Sweat

Megadeth Super Collider 1500x1500

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