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WordPress to fight Prenda’s Fishing Expedition Subpoena

March 9, 2013

WordPress parent company Automattic is going to fight Prenda’s subpoena, Ars Technica reports.

But Automattic’s General Counsel, Paul Sieminski, responded on Friday afternoon with a letter objecting to the subpoena.

Ars Technica also reports that Electronic Frontier Foundation (@EFF) will be representing both DieTrollDie and Fight Copyright Trolls.

EFF is pleased to represent @DieTrollDie and @fightcopytrolls to fight subpoenas in copyright troll Prenda’s defamation lawsuits.


In preparations of this post we have visited both and Should Prenda prevailed in getting all the IP adresses of anyone who visited the two sites above since the beginning of 2011, our IP addresses would be in the list too. What good will the IP Addresses do for Prenda Law? This fishing expedition will face a serious storm in the court of law.


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