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Bullpie Journalism: Apple Executives are wearing watches

March 5, 2013

How bored are these so called journalists with their latests reports on Apple and watches. Apparently they are scraping the bottom to make news.

Look! Jony Ive is wearing watches. Well, he must be designing some sort of Apple Watch. Let’s call it “iWatch” and scoop everyone else.

News organization such as Bloomberg and Business Insider are racing to show who can publish poorly written articles about Apple and watches the most. Then came along 9 to 5 Mac with a gem like the following:

Apple executives and a long history with watches

Apparently Jony Ive is not the only Apple Executive who wears watch. A shocking discovery, isn’t it?

Dan Ricio, Bob Mansfield, Greg Joswiak and Phil Schiller also wear watches. That’s newsworthy, apparently. What’s next?

Tim Cook wears a watch? Then Apple must be making a watch.

Let’s not forget that Apple Executives drive cars, eat foods and wear clothes. Apple must be making cars, food products and clothes.

Someone should tell Ed Orcutt that Apple Executives are also producing CO2; they are wrecking the environment.

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