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Bloomberg’s Bullpie Journalism, You’ve gotta be kidding me!

March 4, 2013

Yet another death knell for journalism as we know it.

From Bloomberg:

Apple’s Planned ‘IWatch’ Could Be More Profitable Than TV

Let’s see what’s wrong with this piece of bullpie journalism.

First, the Apple TV set which should not be confused with Apple TV, has been rumored since early 2000’s. All the fake spy-photos from Apple pre-Macworld keynote were circulating around like venereal diseases. Then the cry-wolf-poster-boy with initials “J.C.” was making up the whole Apple Television set rumor in mid 2000’s. The rumor has gone full swing since the release of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, saying that Jobs “finally cracked it.

Apple “accidentally” created a watch with the release of 6th generation iPod nano. As the first idea of iPod nano watchband was uttered, it became a hit. Rumors of Apple “smart watch” hit another high point as AppleInsider uncovered Apple’s patents that might be used in creating “iWatch”, a newly fabled Apple product.

Both Apple TV set and Apple iWatch are nothing but rumors; yet Bloomberg has the gall to run with the story. It’s all about imaginary products that could make imaginary revenues. All based on rumors.

Apple files a lot of patents and lots of them never made into real products. Lots of them take years before implemented into real products. Where’s the LCD Display has camera embedded in it?


What’s next?

The hypothetical Apple Car could make Apple a lot of hypothetical revenues?

Meatloaf is not amused

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