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Reporting malicious links to bitly

February 19, 2013

Recent round of spams propagated using hacked Twitter accounts and bitly URL shortener became the topic of discussion. Just a few days ago Twitter account of Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks) was hacked and a link using bitly URL shortener to a spam site was posted.

If you encountered any malicious or spam using, please report it to bitly immediately.

You can report spam links to to be blocked. Include the word ‘spam’ in the message and include the link and information about how you received it.

From time to time you’d see that bitly would warn visitors off the malicious URL they about to visit.


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  1. Michael permalink
    January 14, 2014 4:12 am

    They used to be pretty responsive but now they seem to be ignoring spam reports.

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