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SpinRite: Division Overflow Error!

January 17, 2013

This is one error that I’ve seen before in the past, but really rare with SpinRite. One computer at the office was having performance issue. How could a computer with Intel Core i7 be slower than one with Intel Pentium 4, which is the oldest computer in the office. After ruling out malware infestation, I suspected that the hard drive was the source of the problem. I then boot SpinRite on this computer to check the condition of the hard drive. Shortly after running Level 2 (emergency data recovery), SpinRite halted and displayed an error message.

Division Overflow Error!

A critical error occured at: B04E from which SpinRite CANNOT recover. The system has been halted!

I’ve just sent the screenshot to GRC support.


It would be a lot easier for me to get a new hard drive and install a fresh operating system than waiting to get this hard drive repaired.

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