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Amazon introduces AutoRip CD

January 10, 2013


Introducing AutoRip
Buy a CD, instantly get the MP3 version for FREE.



The idea has been floating around for years. Artists and fans can really benefit from this especially in combatting leaks. Often times, records were leaked without permissions months before the release date. Artists (and record labels) can send the digital version to pre-order customers early.

The best part about Amazon AutoRip:

Past Amazon CD Purchases
MP3 versions of tracks from CDs purchased from Amazon since 1998 and that are eligible for AutoRip will be delivered to your Cloud Player library. For some albums you purchased in the past, we may have added MP3 versions of some but not all of the tracks on the album, depending on track eligibility for AutoRip. The first time you sign in to Cloud Player for Web after the launch of the AutoRip program you will see a message indicating that the MP3 versions of eligible tracks from your past Amazon CD purchases are being placed into your Cloud Player library.

I have been buying CD’s from since 1998. This is going to be exciting.



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