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Amazon Locker

January 7, 2013

I decided to have one of my orders delivered to Amazon Locker. As soon as the delivery was confirmed, I headed out to the Amazon Locker location that I had chosen when I placed my order. I arrived at Staples and proceeded tot he Amazon Locker area behind the check-stands. Then I realized that I needed the unique pick-up code which I never received. I called and have the customer service representative to re-send the code. Soon after, I entered the code and one of the locker opened with my order inside. I certainly would use Amazon Locker again whenever necessary. Using Amazon Locker definitely reduce the anxiety of waiting for the package on the delivery day. There’s no need to make sure anyone home to sign for delivery. I can have the package delivered to Amazon Locker nearest to the office.

Amazon Locker

Amazon Locker Touch Screen

Amazon Locker Opened

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