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Eleven Months Ago.

August 27, 2012

Back in October, 2011 I talked about the “Let’s talk iPhone.” event three days before the event was taking place. Obviously none of the three people who actually read my post believed what I said. Now, Apple is about to unveil the next iPhone, which would be called “iPhone ***”  obviously. OK, I was just teasing, or Am I?

I have been pretty adamant about the name of the next iPhone. Every time someone said “iPhone 5”, I always said: “It’s out already, in 2011.”

It seems the people forgot that everyone called for “iPhone 5” last year. I did that too, until I was corrected by Right after the “Let’s talk iPhone.” invitations were sent out, I “overheard” “iPhone 4S” as the name of the next iPhone. It made a lot of sense since the test unit looked exactly like an iPhone 4 CDMA version.

This year, everyone once again called for “iPhone 5” as the next iPhone. Knowing that iPhone 4S is the fifth generation iPhone, then the next one should be the sixth generation. Never once I heard the mention of “iPhone 5” name from; it’s always “the next iPhone”. I have this gut feeling that the next iPhone will be called something other than the much expected “iPhone 5”.

Apple will be kicking the next iPhone production into high gear comes September, 2012. Other than that, there had been some hints of a new or “transitional” product coming before the holiday season. We all will find this out pretty soon.


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