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Galaxy Nexus is taken off Google Play US Store.

July 3, 2012

Galaxy Nexus is no longer available for sale at Google Play US Store. Samsung’s request for a stay of injunction against the sale of Galaxy Nexus was denied by the Honorable Judge Lucy Koh.

I wonder what would happen to the Nexus-7 tablet. What if it were banned for sale in the US too? I have already preordered one and there might be a chance I wouldn’t be getting it. To be honest, I am expecting Nexus-7 to ship before Apple can do anything about it. Then again, Apple has yet to sue ASUS for any slavish copying.

Note from Vondiggity:

“Who’s laughing now? I already bought one.”

Replies from me:

“You paid $399 plus sales tax and shipping. The price is $349 plus sales tax and shipping. That $50 can get you a lot of taco on Taco Tuesday.”

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