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What would the future be like for HP and webOS?

August 18, 2011
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Another big news came out this week. HP to put its webOS hardware on hold and plans to spin off its PC business.

From webOS Developer Forums:

folks, I know it’s tough, but try to relax a bit. I’m working to get you as much information as I can as fast as I can. All I can say right now is that is that I don’t see this as bad for webOS.

Would HP strike deals with hardware manufacturers to license webOS?

The TouchPad, HP’s first webOS tablet ales figure is disappointing. Best Buy is reportedly only sold 25,000 units out of the 250,000 units shipped to the big box retailer.

HP is also looking into spinning off its PC business. Apparently high sales number doesn’t really translate into high profit.


I for one was looking into getting HP Pre3, unfortunately HP is getting out of the mobile hardware business before it’s actually released in the United States. HP Pre3 is now available in Europe right before HP announced its discontinuation.

I wonder what the future be like for HP and webOS.

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