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Brain Not Needed: Microsoft’s Bing is iPhone-bound in Apple WWDC 2010.

May 29, 2010

Previously on “Brain Not Needed”:

Steve Ballmer was going to make an appearance on Steve Jobs WWDC 2010 Keynote introducing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. A brainless analyst claimed that Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 supports native codes for iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X. Then the same brainless analyst retracted the statement.

It is more likely that Apple would be adding Bing search engine into iPhone OS Safari. It will not, however, replaced Google and Yahoo! search. Then again, since Yahoo! is also using Bing search engine. As long as Apple is not dropping Yahoo! search, Bing is making it to the iPhone Safari.

It is more logical for Apple to add Bing and Yahoo! into Safari search; for all platforms.

It is unlikely for Apple to remove Google from the approved search engine for the iPhone.

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