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Upcoming Review: Sony DSC-HX5V Digital Camera.

May 14, 2010

Sony has been airing the ad with Taylor Swift using DSC-HX5V for the past few weeks (months?). I finally got my hands on one. On loan, of course. I can’t spend my money on it, not in this economy. P.S. Simon, where’s my paycheck?

Anyway, this camera is the next generation of point and shoot digital camera. It records AVCHD video, and it has GPS built-in. The “iSweep Panorama” is the killer feature of this camera. No more the awkward picture stitching to make that panoramic one. It is really easy to do on this camera.

Anyway, I’ll be taking this camera on Saturday to a wedding; Carlos Alazraqui’s.

Expect a full review really soon!

In the meantime here’s a picture taken using Sony DSC-HX5V iSweep Panorama feature, re-compressed using Adobe Photoshop.

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