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Comedy Central removed feedback page amidst South Park Controversy.

May 8, 2010

A few readers noted that Comedy Central has removed feedback page after receiving record numbers of complaints regarding South Park-Mohammed-censorship Muslim-Terrorist-Death-Threats controversy.

I understand that Comedy Central has acted on the best interest of their employees, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Unfortunately such action exactly what the creators of South Park are against of. Stone and Parker wrote Cartoon Wars Part I and II with the message that we should not cave in to the demand of terrorists. As portrayed in Cartoon Wars episodes, Comedy Central is now burying their heads in the sand; pretending to hear nothing, see nothing and speak nothing.

There is nothing civilized for a group of people who represent the Muslims to threaten other human being with bodily harms and deaths. I know that there are those in this world who would blindly sides with this act of terror.

Congratulations Comedy Central, we’ve just lost another ground. You should have not backed down!


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