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Congratulations, Gizmodo for jumping into conclusion. At least you made a retraction.

April 14, 2010

The post is back-up on Gizmodo.

Apparently Gizmodo is deleting the post. Unfortunately I haven’t found any cached version of the page.

But there’s a copy of it posted here.

The piece was (hastily) written by Wilson Rothman.


Gotta love John Grubber for being “insightful and not negative.” He’s just good at being sarcastic. Gruber pointed out the hidden Gem that Gizmodo is.

As always, Apple haters already jumped on the poorly-written-angst-driven-Apple-Hating-Paul-Thurrottesque story that Gizmodo ran about How Apple Screws Every Ebook App But iBooks. Great one Wilson, the Apple Haters took the bait. What? It’s not a bait. Well, at least you made a retraction and left your original post.

Maybe Gizmodo should give Paul Thurrott a call, your Apple Trolling skill is a bit rusty. For sure Thurrott can help you in that subject. But if you’re making Thurrott your staff then you’d be employing a Microsoft employee. Wait, what? Thurrott is not Microsoft Employee? Ah he’s just an independent Microsoft P.R. agent. Got it.

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