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2010-04-01: South Park is Cancelled thanks to records complaints to FCC.

April 1, 2010

South Park is Cancelled!

Just hours after the premiere broadcast of “Medicinal Fried Chicken” episode, FCC received records complaints filed by viewers all across the United States. Primarily the complaints are centered around the partial display of male genitalia (Scrotums, also known as “Balls”) in the episode. According to sources in FCC, there has never been such outrage from the viewers.

“This time the complaints are legitimate,” according to the FCC source. “The complaints are actually coming from millions of viewers. Usually we received thousands of complaints on a single subject from the same 22 viewers over and over. We fined Howard Stern heavily thanks to 13,673 complaints filed by 8 listeners who didn’t really listen to the show,” added the FCC source.

For many fans this first day of April, 2010 will live in infamy. South Park is no more!

Comedy Central has yet to release official statements regarding South Park cancellation.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are not available for comment for they are too busy counting all the money they earned for the past 13+ years profitting from South Park. According to people close to Stone and Parker they are expecting more money coming in from the sales of South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season – Uncensored DVD and Blu-ray set.

DVD | Blu-ray

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