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Paul Thurrott Was Hospitalized After Watching New Apple Ads

October 21, 2008

Dedham, Masschusetts

On the evening of October 19th, 2008 Paul Thurrott was reportedly rushed to the local hospital. According to neighbors, loud strings of profanities were heard over 15 mile radius that Sunday evening. That prompted them to call 911. Paramedic, Firefighter and the Police arrived within a few minutes on the Thurrotts residence .

Upon arrival, Police found Thurrott screaming and yelling “I’m a P.C.!” repeatedly. It took 13 personnel to subdue violent Paul Thurrott.

In his padded cell, Thurrott mentioned that he will announce the “ultimate declaration of war against Apple” on Microsoft behalf on TWiT‘s Microsoft P.R. Weekly Windows Weekly podcast which he co-hosts with Leo Laporte.

Paul Thurrott, the original Microsoft Defender, apparently was watching the new Apple “Get A Mac” ads which were released on that fateful Sunday. According to doctors, Thurrott is lacking sense of humor as well as some common sense. Doctors also found that Thurrot is suffering from some sort of blindness, that causes him to be unconditionally loyal to Microsoft.

According to Leo Laporte, Paul Thurrott insisted that he would be available to record the next install ment of Viva La Microsoft Wekly Windows Weekly episode 80 this Thursday. Thurrott is expected to make a full recovery by then, and he will be cursing Apple for those new “Get A Mac” ads. Thurrott swears that he will bring Apple down for “all the lies” they have been spreading about Microsoft and Windows Vista. Thurrott also adds that he is the only tech journalist in the world who knows the truth about the great Microsoft.

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