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Pixelmator Goes 1.2

May 11, 2008

Pixelmator icon

Pixelmator 1.2 is released today. The release notes can be found here:

Pixelmator is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop at a low-low-price. Pixelmator is priced at a mere $59 and available as trial. Head to for more informations.

Pixelmator 1.2 Draftsman (May 12, 2008)
• Rulers, Guides, Grid, and Snap added
• Curves Tool added
• Color Balance Tool added
• Auto Enhance Tool replaced the Auto Levels, Auto Colors, and Auto Contrast tools
• Polygonal Lasso Tool added to Lasso tool (use L shortcut to switch between polygonal and simple lasso)
• Automator actions (except Change Type of Images and Transform Images) have been rewritten from scratch
• Transform tool has been rewritten from scratch for precision and stability
• Free Transform tool now available in Edit menu (or via Command + F keyboard shortcut)
• New Help documentation has been added
• Show Transform Controls option has been added to Move tool in Tool Options palette
• Tool type has been added to Lasso tool in Tool Options palette
• Rulers preferences have been added and include default units for rulers, ability to choose guides color, grid color, grid settings
• Rulers contextual menu (right-click on ruler) includes New Guide…, Show/Hide Guides, Lock/Unlock Guides, Clear Guides, Show/Hide Grid, Snap To, and Ruler Units menu items
• Transform palette now includes width, height, angle, cancel, and OK
• Free Transform menu item added to selection tools contextual menu
• Rectangular Marquee Tool is now precise
• The transparency of palettes has been reduced
• Blur has been added behind palettes
• A bug that sometimes caused a layer to disappear in PXM has been fixed
• A bug that caused layer mask not to sync with layer after file was saved in PXM format has been fixed
• A bug that caused Undo to work incorrectly after duplicating layer has been fixed
• A crash that occurred when launching Photo Browser on some PowerPC-based Macs has been fixed
• A crash that sometimes occurred when deleting selection with Backspace key has been fixed
• A crash that sometimes occurred when inverting selection outside of canvas has been fixed
• A bug that caused application to stay active after Quit command has been fixed
• As a result of Quick Look crash issues, .mat, .yuv and .pdb file extensions were removed from the Quick Look plug-in
• PSD compatibility improved
• It is now possible to click on text near buttons in Welcome screen
• Minor Levels histogram improvements have been added
• Minor user interface improvements have been implemented
• Minor performance improvements have been made

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