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MacWorld San Francisco 2008 – “There’s something in the air.”

January 15, 2008

January 15th, 2008

Time Capsule

Apple - Time Capsule

iPhone Software 1.1.3 – read more here

Apple - iPhone Software 1.1.3

iPod touch upgrade – ($19.99 upgrade cost) – editorials/rants coming soon

Apple - iPod Touch January 2008 updates

iTunes Movie Rentals

AppleTV (New Software – Free Upgrade)

AppleTV - Take 2

MacBook Air

Apple - Introducing MacBook Air

Here we go again.

Steve Jobs is taking the center stage at MacWorld San Francisco 2008, delivering his keynote. Many has speculated what he will say, and the rumors are running wild. What’s with the “air”? What’s in the air?

Take all the rumors with a boulder of salt. In short time we all will find out.

Live coverage of MacWorld San Francisco 2008 Keynote starting at 09:00AM Pacific Standard Time:

Mac Rumors Live
Ars Technica
The Mac Observer
The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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