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“Futurama: Bender’s Big Score” is Leaked Out

November 21, 2007

Upon reading my web-access log, I found out that the soon to be released “Futurama The Movie – Bender’s Big Score” is now available for viewing on the internet. I don’t know if this is official, I’ll find out soon.

Apparently, the stream itself is coming from a legitimate source, but I am not sure if the “leak” is officially sanctioned.

But honestly, if you’re a fan of Futurama, BUY THE DVD!!!!!

Futurama The Movie – Bender’s Big Score” will be released on November 27th, 2007. I already pre-ordered it through The crazy part is that I know that I’ll be picking it up at the local Target or Circuit City store. I despise “Best” Buy, and have no plan to spend my money there. OK, I’ll buy the DVD from Best Buy if they would give me a life-size Bender statue.

Silly Futurama Preview @

Futurama The Movie - Bender's Big Score

Based on the available informations, the “Futurama The Movie – Bender’s Big Score” will be in a “glorious” widescreen format.

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