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Carlos Alazraqui, AVCHD, Panasonic HDC-SD5, Macs, and iMovie ’08.

November 21, 2007

I finally finished the first project involving Carlos Alazraqui, AVCHD, Panasonic HDC-SD5, Macs, and iMovie ’08. I learned a lot from this project, from using the Panasonic HDC-SDC camera, importing AVCHD movie clips, using iMovie ’08 even further, and the hardware requirements for this project.

First, I’d like to thank Hollywood Improv for giving the permissions to film Carlos Alazraqui’s stand-up sets.

I do realize that my personal MacBook Pro Core Duo is a little bit underpowered in handling AVCHD movie clips. For certain, it took a long time to import the AVCHD clips, and it took even longer to export the HD clips.

I do learn a lot of tricks in using iMovie ’08. I originally was going to use Final Cut Pro to edit the clips. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to install Final Cut Pro on my MacBook Pro, after I clean installed Mac OS X Leopard on it. In addition to that, I have yet to acquire Final Cut Express 4 which now supports AVCHD format.

I will post my review on Panasonic HDC-SD5, my experience with iMovie ’08, and what I learn about AVCHD format.

As a preview, please take a look at the following screen capture taken using Panasonic HDC-SD5.

Carlos Alazraqui, Hollywood Improv, 2007.11.17 - 3

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  1. warren metcalfe permalink
    May 18, 2008 10:41 pm

    please tell me how to connect and import from the hdc-sd5 to imovie, it just keeps crashing…..

    Do you have Perian 1.0 and/or XViD components installed? Remove them.

  2. warren metcalfe permalink
    August 20, 2008 1:41 pm

    I am not technical can you explain the steps to me??

    You need to have the latest QuickTime and iMovie ’08.
    Assuming your hard-drive name is “Macintosh HD”
    Go to your Macintosh HD > Library > QuickTime
    Look for a file with “Perian” and/or “xvid”
    Remove them

    You can download the latest Perian QuickTime component from if you need to.

    That should solve the crashing problems, unless you have some other incompatible third party QuickTime components installed.

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