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I Need New Macs

November 19, 2007

For the past 7 years I have been purchasing at least one portable computer each year with the exception of 2007. It is now November 2007, and I have yet purchased a computer. OK, I did get a new Core 2 Duo PC from the office. It is currently running Windows XP, take that Windows Vista. I can’t bear using Windows Vista at all. The PC itself is more than powerful enough to run Windows Vista Ultimate, but up to this moment there are some softwares that wouldn’t run properly on Windows Vista. In addition to that, the networking stack in Windows Vista does not play nice with other Operating Systems. I have not reinstalled Windows Vista back on any computers I have in my home office.

I have recently acquired a new AVCHD camcorder, Panasonic HDC-SD5. I just finished recording Carlos Alazraqui‘s stand up sets at the Hollywood Improv. It is roughly an hour of raw footage, and recorded in High Definition at 1080i. Working with AVCHD format requires a lot of processing powers. It takes 2 hours to re-encode an 11-minute of edited footage on my 2GHz MacBook Pro Core Duo. I am sure that it would take significantly less time if I have a Core 2 Duo Mac (or better). I am hoping that the 64-bit CPU and Operating System (Mac OS X Leopard) would be able to handle the HD encoding better and faster.

Anyway, I am waiting for the next version of MacBook Pro sometimes during Macworld 2008. I was talking to a friend who wanted to do movie editing on MacBook Pro in High Definitions, and I did convince her to wait until the next version of MacBook Pro is released.

I am thinking about getting an iMac or even a Mac Pro for all the multimedia projects I am working on right now. As of this point I can’t justify spending the money for any of them. I personally prefer using portables such as MacBook Pro. Maybe I can convince the office to get me new Mac or Macs.

One other thing in mind is for me to somehow contact Apple and get them to donate a Mac or two. It’s a wishful thinking. If you’re working for Apple Inc., please let someone know at the corporate office that I need new Macs and the Pro-Apps.

One can dream……..

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