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Mac OS X Leopard and then some…

October 26, 2007

Mac OS X Leopard has officially arrived, and there’s nothing really I want to write about right now. Thousands if not millions of other blogs out on the “inter-web” are talking about it. So that’s it about Mac OS X Leopard……. for now.

Some interesting notes:

  • Many people were using the iPhone $100 Apple Store Credit to purchase Mac OS X Leopard.
  • Many customers actually purchasing the Family Pack (5 user license).
  • Steve Gibson of SpinRite ( and Security Now fame was spotted at Apple Store Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. Good luck getting that T-Shirt, Mr. Gibson. Actually the funniest thing was that, someone in the line was saying that Gibson’s SpinRite was a piece of useless software that doesn’t do anything.
  • Many customers who pre-ordered Leopard reported that their copies arrived before the 6:00 PM sale time.
  • The first update available for Mac OS X Leopard is Apple Remote Desktop Client 3.2.1; assuming that it’s a clean install.

One more thing:

  • During Mac OS X LEopard installation, the Airport is available and able to connect to Wireless Access Point. Picture will be added later, I have yet to reinstall all the apps on my MacBook Pro.

Leopard Installation - Airport is available 1 Leopard Installation - Airport is available 2

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