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South Park: Season 11 Episode 9 – “More Crap”

October 7, 2007

South Park: Season 11 Episode 9 – “More Crap”
Original Air Date: 2007-10-10


  • All Season 11 episodes will be available uncensored @ iTunes Store and Amazon Unbox.
  • Bono of U2 must love this episode, NOT!
  • The song that Bono character sings is based on U2’s “Vertigo“.
  • The “Emmy Award Winning Series” is actually part of the episode, not an insert by Comedy Central.
  • South Park recently won an Emmy Award for the “Make Love, Not Warcraft” Episode.
  • The trophy awarded to Randy Marsh shapes like an Emmy Award.
  • The restaurant that Randy Marsh eats at is P.F. Changs
  • The excrement measurement unit: 1 Katie Couric = 2.5 pounds

From South Park Studios: (announced on October 06th, 2007)

Stan’s dad becomes South Park’s home-town hero when the guys down at the local bar see the size of his most recent crap.

Preview the episode here. (iPhone and iPod touch compatible – over WiFi preferred)

Season 11 Episode 9 - Season 11 Episode 9 -

South Park Season 11 Episode 9 on:

  • iTunes Store – UNCENSORED (available on Saturday – October 13th, 2007)
  • Amazon Unbox (available on Saturday – October 13th, 2007)

South Park Studios and Comedy Central would like to remind you if you are looking for South Park episode, you can get it at iTunes Store or Amazon Unbox instead of downloading the AVI or RM files off torrents from site likes Another reminder from the Good Ol’ Comedy Central that asks everyone to stay away from, because has every single South Park episode made available in one form or another.
Remember downloading TV episodes off torrents is generally frowned upon by the TV networks. It’d be very very very wrong to download South Park episodes off torrent sites such as where you can find high quality South Park episodes in AVI and RM. Please forget that you can find high quality South Park episode links at because Comedy Central would like you to purchase them.

South Park – The Complete Tenth Season

South Park Season 10 DVD

The tenth season of South Park includes the instant classic and Emmy Winning “Make Love, Not Warcraft” – one of the most ridiculous South Park episodes ever.

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